Orientation Office Goals

The Orientation Office has adopted the following goals in an effort to fulfill the mission. These goals are:

  • To enhance the quality of new student’s first semester at UMCP by providing formal programs and publications that introduce both the academic and social components of student life at UMCP.
  • To provide parents and family members of new students with an increased awareness of the University’s policies, procedures, and support services.
  • To advocate for a campus environment that is receptive to the needs of new students.
  • To design and maintain support services to meet the needs of new students from the time they are admitted throughout their first semester at UMCP.
  • To coordinate the academic advisement and registration process for new freshmen and transfer students who participate in Orientation.
  • To provide opportunities for new students to share perspectives and concerns with other new students and trained upper-class peer advisors.
  • To stimulate and work with other offices and individuals of the University to deal with the transitional needs of new students.
  • To select, train, supervise, and evaluate staff at the professional and paraprofessional level in order to provide effective staffing in the performance of necessary functions.
  • To encourage new students to play an active part in their education, to maximize their use of campus and community resources, and to contribute to the common good of UMCP and the community.
  • To educate new students about the campus' diversity and the part they play in its enhancement.