Mission Statement

As an outgrowth of our professional philosophy, the Orientation Office believes that it is our responsibility to provide on-going
services and assistance to undergraduate students in an effort to:

  • Expose new students to the broad educational opportunities at UMCP, including both in-class and out-of-class experiences.
  • Assist new students in their successful* transitions to the UMCP community.
  • Integrate new students into the campus life of UMCP.
  • Contribute to the appropriate retention of students at UMCP.
  • Promote to new students an awareness and respect for campus diversity at UMCP.

* Successful is defined as able and prepared to perform satisfactorily in coursework and other university activities.
(This mission statement is consistent with the ideas set forth by the Council for the Advancement of Standards, 1986 Guidelines.)


The Orientation Office at the University of Maryland is an active member institution of theĀ The Association for Orientation, Transition and Retention in Higher Education (NODA). NODA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education, leadership and professional development in the fields of college student orientation, transition and retention. NODA is comprised of professional administrators and staff, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and related organizations. NODA views orientation as an ongoing and multifaceted transition process which involves academic, intelletual, and personal development. The Orientation Office and The University of Maryland are members of Region VIII of NODA.

As a member institution, the Orientation Office complies with all policies outlined in the NODA bylaws including the NODA Statement of Professional Ethics and Statement of Non-Discrimination. The Orientation Office also complies with all policies outlined by the University of Maryland College Park.

For more information on NODA, please visit theirĀ website.

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