After Orientation - Parents and Families

Your best resource as a new parent and family member is the Office of Parent and Family Affairs. Their website and staff are able to provide a number of resources for you and your student following your Parent and Family Orientation experience. Additonally, their Parent & Family Handbook (which you received via the mail or at Parent and Family Orientation) is a fantastic source of information about the university.

Below are some key dates and information to help you be a supportive and successful parent/family member in the coming semester and beyond. A more comprehensive list of additional information, links, and resources can be found on the Parent and Family Affairs website, as well as in our Virtual Folder.

Virtual Folder
To reduce the amount of paper products we distribute throughout New Student Orientation, we have created the Orientation Virtual Folder. Feel free to browse through the Virtual Folder at your own pace and print out any materials you find useful. Parent and Family Program presentations are available at the bottom of the Virtual Folder.

Also, download our mobile app for mobile access to the Virtual Folder and more!

Key Dates and Information for Parents and Families

To learn more, please The Office of Parent and Family Affairs.


On-campus: If your student is living on campus, they would have submitted their application for housing and dining on May 1st or within 30 days of their acceptance. If they missed the deadline, they should email the Department of Resident Life.

Off-campus: There are many options for students who wish to live off-campus. Plenty of students commute from home, others live in campus-affiliated apartments, while others live in private homes in College Park. Off-Campus Housing Services has all the information you and your student need about off-campus housing. Students who live off campus also have the opportunity to use a meal plan specifically designed for off-campus students, including Terrapin Express. Information can be found online.


If your student is living on campus, they will receive their roommate assignments this month! This can be a time of mixed emotions – it’s exciting to learn who they will be living with, but this can also bring new nerves! Your student will be given the email address and phone number of their roommate(s). It is always best to contact the person directly to learn about them - resist the urge to look them up on social media.

Prepare for Move-In: An exciting way to approach those first semester nerves is to get thinking about how your student wants their room to look! Be sure to consult the Department of Resident Life for a list of what to bring and what not to bring.

Register for Disability Support Services: Disability Support Services offers accommodations for students with documented medical, psychological, learning and mobility disabilities. It is always best to arrange accommodations in advance - visit them online.


Your student should be familiar with campus safety resources before starting the semester. Here are a few steps that you can take as a parent or family member:

Sign yourself up for campus alerts with UMPD: The University of Maryland Police Department has a system that alerts students to emergency situations via email and text message. Parents and family members can sign up to receive alerts as well at

Make sure your student is signed up for campus text alerts: In the event of an emergency, an alert will automatically be sent to every campus email address, but in order to get a text message your student has to register their phone. If they haven’t already done this at New Student Orientation, they can register their phones online.

UMPD emergency line: 301-405-3333/#3333

UMPD non-emergency: 301-405-3555

NITE ride: 301-314-NITE (6483)

Alcohol Edu and Sexual Misconduct Prevention: It is mandatory for your student to complete Alcohol Edu, an online education program designed to enable students to make healthy, safe decisions about alcohol. It is also mandatory for students to complete Sexual Misconduct Prevention training, a program designed to create a University learning environment free of sexual misconduct. Details will be sent directly to the student via their email address.

Plan ahead for the fall! Family Weekend occurs in early October, and we encourage you to make your travel and hotel plans now! Also, Big10 Terps football at Byrd Stadium begins this month - view ticket information online!


The university has a number of exciting events planned to begin the academic year. All students participate in Fall Welcome, a series of events and programs to assist students in getting acclimated to the University of Maryland. Also, The First Look Fair happens in September. Representatives from our over 775 student organizations set up tables on McKeldin Mall for students to explore and sign up. If your student wants to know what to look for ahead of time, they can go online to visit OrgSync to explore the different ways to get involved!

September can also be be a stressful time for your student as they learn how college classes are! Make sure they know their major academic resources:

Writing Center: Students can sit down with a trained student editor and receive comprehensive feedback on their papers.

Math Success Program: Located in the ground floor of Oakland Hall, students can come in and receive tutoring from trained student tutors Sunday through Thursday evenings.

Learning Assistance Services: LAS offers a variety of resources to help students learn, from individual academic support sessions to semester-long support courses and Guided Study Sessions that are led by highly qualified student teachers and are evening review sessions for a multitude of classes, especially those in the STEM fields.


October is typically the time in the semester when students’ moods start to lag. The “honeymoon” phase is over and academics start to get intense. This is also usually the time in the semester when students get sick. It is best for students to be familiar with their health resources before they need them!

Counseling Center: The Counseling Center offers students six free individual sessions with a therapist, as well as group therapy sessions and many other resources.

Psychology Clinic: The Psychology Clinic offers $10 therapy sessions for students with doctoral students in the department of psychology, overseen by licensed PhD level Clinical Psychologists.

University Health Center:The University Health Center offers virtually everything your student may need for their physical and mental health at the lowest possible costs.


Students should meet with their academic advisor to make sure they’re on track to graduate. Your student will have a clearer picture of what they want now that they’re familiar with college level courses. Now is a good time to refresh their academic plan before registering for the spring semester!

Roommate Conflicts: At this point, your student has had three months of sharing a room with their roommate(s). There are many ways that your student can alleviate any tension with their roommate(s). Resident Assistants are in place to help students resolve conflicts with their roommates. If your student would like to move, now is the time to prepare for a potential move. Encourage your student to speak with their RA first!


As the semester winds down, the stress may start to heat up! Your student will be preparing for their first round of college finals. Encourage them from home to stay calm and remember their resources. You can also send a care package from Dining Services, or have one of your home recipes made in the dining halls for some extra comfort!

Spring Semester

While your student enjoys winter break at home with friends and family, it's never too late to begin thinking about spring opportunities. The Career Center hosts many programs year-round, and the spring is usually a good time for your student to begin their career preparation. Schedule a resume review, consultation or attend a upcoming career fair, if they haven't already in the fall. Also, January means the required completion of the FAFSA to apply for financial aid . Students will begin the housing selection process in March for next academic year. Students will work with both Resident Life for on-campus options and Off-Campus Housing Services for apartments/houses in the area, depending on their preference and housing availability. Spring also brings Maryland Day to campus in April. For more spring resources and information, please contact the Office of Parent and Family Affairs.