Please review the following information prior to registering for New Student Orientation.

If you plan to change your major, you must do so before you register for New Student Orientation, as all colleges do not advise on all dates. Call Undergraduate Admissions first at (301)314-8385 to make the change.

1. I have read and understand all of the information provided on the New Student Orientation website.

2. I understand that freshmen programs during the summer (May/June/July) are two-day programs and I will be provided housing on-campus. Freshmen programs during the late summer (August) are one-day programs and no housing will be provided. Programs during the winter (December/January) are one-day programs and no housing will be provided. Transfer programs during the summer (May/June/July) and winter (December/January) months are one-day programs and no housing will be provided.

3. I understand that full participation is mandatory for all new degree-seeking undergraduate students. Therefore, I should not make plans to leave before the program is complete. I will be unable to register for my courses until I have fully completed New Student Orientation.

4. I understand that check-in for freshman 2-day programs over the summer is from 7:45-8:45 AM at Denton Hall, and the program begins promptly at 9:00 AM on the first day, and students will end at 2:30 PM the second day. I will keep these times in mind while making travel arrangements. Transfer and freshman 1-day program check-in begins at 8:00 AM and students will end at 4:00 PM.

5. I understand that the University of Maryland highly encourages each student to have at least one family member attend New Student Orientation with the student so the family can gain information and be best prepared to help the student transition to UMD. I acknowledge that the student schedule is sometimes separate from the Parent and Family Orientation Program schedule. Family member housing is not provided during any programs.

6. I understand that the University of Maryland requires each student to submit a paper Health Information/Immunization Form and all students must verify that they have health insurance either through a private company or through the University of Maryland. Students may waive the health insurance option. These two items should be completed as soon as possible and prior to arrival at New Student Orientation. The Health Information/Immunization Form can be downloaded via our Arrival Guide. The Student Health Insurance Plan and insurance verification process can be completed online here.

7. I understand that space at each New Student Orientation is available on a first-reserve basis until programs have reached their maximum capacity and I accept that programs may close at any time and will close seven (7) days prior to the start date.

8. I understand that a confirmation email will be sent to me at the email address I provided on my application to the University of Maryland after I register and I should not make lodging or travel arrangements until I have received this confirmation or contacted the Orientation Office to confirm my reservation. This confirmation email will outline my registration ad include required information for my arrival.

9. If you are involved in a living and learning program such as Honors, Scholars, Civicus, Global Communities, etc. you are NOT required to attend a program for your living and learning program. You may sign up for any program available for your major.

10. Please allow up to 48 hours for your enrollment deposit to process before you attempt to register for orientation. You will NOT be able to register until that payment has been processed.

11. I understand that I will not be charged for my program until AFTER I attend New Student Orientation. I should not attempt to pay for my program until the charge for New Student Orientation shows up on my student account. Paying ahead of time may complicate that payment process. Charges and amounts can be found on the New Student Orientation website and during the following registration process.

Orientation Program Costs
First-Year 2-day Program $176
Transfer/Freshman 1-Day Program $116
Parent/Family Member 1-Day Program $66
Early Arrival/Late Stay (For 2-Day programs) $40
Orientation No-Show Fee $20
Terp Trips(for parents of students
attending a 2-day program)

*For more information on Terp Trips, click here.

As a reminder, these charges will only be posted to the student account AFTER you attend New Student Orientation

Once you have reviewed and understand the above information, please click the shell to continue.