After Orientation - Students

Now that you have attended New Student Orientation, you are well prepared to be an active, engaged Terp! You've become familiar with campus, registered for classes, and met current students, your peers, and academic advisors and faculty. But there are still some key additional steps to complete before starting classes, as well as some key pieces of information to review to make sure your transition to Maryland is as smooth as possible.

Below, we have listed some key dates and information to help you prepare for Maryland and beyond. More information, opportunities, and resources will be shared with you by your advising college, the Department of Resident Life, and the university via email, so please be sure to check your TerpMail account (your UMD email account) regularly for important information and official university correspondence. Also, take a moment to review our Virtual Folder for additional information, links, and more.

The One Project
The One Project is the First-Year Experience (FYE) program for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Ally students at the University of Maryland. Register for UNIV100Q this fall, attend our events, or join our mailing list!

To learn more, visit The One Project's website.

New Student Census
The online University New Student Census is conducted on behalf of the University Counseling Center. It surveys incoming students' experiences, opinions, expectations, and aspirations in order to enhance our understanding of college students and what may help them achieve their goals at the University of Maryland. You will receive an email from the University of Maryland after your New Student Orientation program, inviting you to complete this online Census.

Faith/Spirituality Interest Form
Interested in learning more about the faith communities and chaplaincies on campus? Click here and fill out the University's Faith/Spirituality Interest Form to receive information. Initial participation is voluntary, and you can update your information at any time.

Key Dates and Information for Students

For additional questions, please contact our office.


Make sure you’ve filled out your housing and dining agreement! They are due on May 1st or within 30 days of you accepting your admission to the University of Maryland.

If you are deciding to live off-campus, there are a lot of options for you too! There’s an entire Off-Campus Housing website dedicated to providing information on off-campus housing options.

“I enjoy living in the University of Maryland Courtyards because it taught me how to be independent and I always have a quiet place to study” - Lauryn Froneberger, UMD ‘17


For on-campus Terps, July is when roommate assignments are released! Make sure you have an open mind about whoever you are placed with and reach out to them to get to know them - a introductory phone call is recommended! Since move-in day is approaching fast (see August below), definitely start thinking about what you will bring for your room. The Department of Resident Life has a list of items that you can consult. Remember: if it glows, it goes (so no microwaves or toasters or anything like that)! Check out more resident life information for move-in here.

As the semester begins in August before Labor Day, this is also the time you should think about academic prep - buying books (if you haven't), registering for Disability Support Services if you need to, and more. View our Academics at Maryland page for resources, as well as our Virtual Folder.

“In my first year, I reached out to my new roommate over the summer and we planned out what we would each bring and color coordinated our room.” -Bethel Etta, UMD ‘17


It’s move-in month! Make sure you check your email to see what time block you are scheduled with the Department of Resident Life to move in.

Check out the events that The Stamp Student Union and other university organizations will have set up for you during Fall Welcome. It's a great way to meet people on your floor!

Make sure you have completed your online tutorials, including alcohol edu! All students are required to finish this.

“Make sure you have more than one person with you on move-in day so one person can stay at the car while the other can help you take things up to your new room!” - Akhila Vishnubhotla, UMD ‘16


The First Look Fair is upon us! Check out the tables that student organizations, university offices and deparments and external vendors will have set up on Mckeldin Mall and see what you’re interested in. UMD has over 800 student organizations, so there is something for everyone!

The Registration Drop-Add period is the first 10 days of classes; this is when you can add and drop courses and the changes won’t show up on your transcript. Use this time to get out of classes you aren’t comfortable in, check the wait list, or sign up for classes you realized you can take!


This is when most students will go through their first round of midterms, so make sure you are taking advantage of all the resources available to you. That includes faculty office hours, Guided Study Sessions (GSS), visiting Math Success or the Writing Center, and even meeting with your Teaching Assistants (TA) in order to go over the material in advance and make sure you’re ready!

Family Weekend is the first weekend of October. Make sure your family makes their travel/hotel plans in advance!

Make sure you get your homecoming football game tickets so your can cheer on our Terps!


For most new students, registration for the spring semester will be coming up in December. Before that, it is important to make sure you have all your registration blocks lifted. This means scheduling an appointment with your advisor if you need to and checking to see if you have any financial obligations. To check to see if you have blocks, you can go online and check the first link that says “Check Appointment and Registration Status”.


This is when students register for classes and go through finals. Meeting with your advisor should give you a sense of what classes you want to take next semester and a chance to review your four year plan. Make sure you are on Testudo to register at the time you are scheduled for as it is a live system!