UNIV100 and UNIV101 Course Overview

UNIV 100: The Student in the University
UNIV 100 is a one-credit seminar for all entering students that helps them to answer the questions, "Why am I here?" and "How can I get the most out of the University of Maryland?"

The goal of the seminar is to connect students to the resources they need to excel, while making sure their transition is as smooth as possible. To accomplish this, small groups of students are paired with a class instructors who structure the class and serve as "sounding-boards" when questions arise.

UNIV sections are generally limited to an enrollment of 20 or less students in order to create a more discussion oriented environment in the classroom, and to promote more opportunity for instructor/student and peer interaction. The topics of UNIV courses are covered using a variety of interactive approaches. There are seven required elements that are covered in every section of UNIV100:

  • Why am I here?

  • What are my goals for my education at the University of Maryland?

  • Academic study skills

  • Time management University of Maryland resources Major/career exploration Diversity

  • Responsible decision making

The way in which these elements are covered is up to each instructor. In addition, there are other suggested topics from which each instructor can choose to address with students. These topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic honesty

  • Library resources

  • Campus safety

  • Community service

  • Critical thinking

  • Cultural events

UNIV 101: The Student in the University and Introduction to Computer Resources
UNIV 101 is a two-credit seminar that introduces new students to University life and current computer resources. UNIV 101 incorporates everything in UNIV 100, but then adds in a technology component. UNIV 101 includes everything from utilizing the most advanced technology research tools to developing your own personal web page. UNIV 101 lasts a full semester and is designed to help you succeed in your other classes.