UNIV100 and UNIV101 Learning Outcomes and Goals

UNIV 100/101 Goals

  • To assist students in their transition to the UMCP community.
  • To introduce students to the academic environment at UMCP.
  • To help students explore the world of higher education and clarify why they are in college and establish realistic goals for their collegiate experience.
  • To assist students in their identification with UMCP while learning about whom they are and how they fit in the University environment.
  • To help students learn the vast number of resources available to them at the 
  • University of Maryland (i.e. library, cultural activities, extracurricular, academic support services).
  • To assist students in their skill development (i.e. career decision making, academic skill development, communication skills, etc.)
  • To assist students in their understanding of developmental patterns that will face them in their undergraduate career.
  • To develop an appreciation for the cultural diversity at the University of Maryland.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will discuss their personal and academic goals for their freshman year at the University of Maryland.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of cultural diversity.
  • Students will distinguish among campus resources those that are beneficial to their transition.