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The parent & family program is an optional program that is separate from the student orientation program. The Parent and Family Orientation Program is an intensive one-day program designed to answer your administrative, academic, and transition questions.

<<<<<<< HEAD To register for this program, you may register when your student registers or you may call our office at (301) 314-8217. ======= To register for this program, you may register when your student registers, or you may call our office at (301) 314-8217. Parent & Family Program Orientation dates for Summer 2020 will be available starting Late February. >>>>>>> a4c5fbaf73240e883785c5d3031be3902c0497a1

On April 7th, the university determined that the best course of action would be to move our summer orientation process online. This decision was not made lightly, but out of an abundance of caution for both the UMD community, as well as our incoming class and their family members.

Beginning at 4:00pm on Wednesday April 8th, we will place a temporary pause on all summer orientation registration as we work to move our process to a virtual environment. During this time, students and their family members will be unable to register for an orientation or make any changes to their current registration. Those who have already registered for a program, your registraton is still valid and will not be affected. Registration will open back up on Friday, April 17th.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 (commonly referred to as the "Buckley Amendment") is designed to protect the confidentiality of education records and to give students access to their records to assure the accuracy of their contents. The Act affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.

A student's rights begin when the student is registering for classes and meets with an advisor. The privacy protection FERPA gives to students is very broad. With limited exceptions, FERPA regulations give privacy protection to all student education records. Examples of student records entitled to protection under FERPA include grade reports, transcripts and most disciplinary files. This protected information cannot be released to any third party, including parents, without signed and dated written consent from the student.

For more information on educational privacy rights, FERPA and receiving parent access (student granted access to parents/guardians to view grades, class schedules, account balances, and unofficial transcripts using the University's Testudo Web site), please visit the Office of the Registrar website.

  • Q: Can I join my student when they complete their academic advising?
  • A: Unfortunately, no. Please read the section entilted "FERPA" for more information about confidentiality of student information.

  • Q: Is this program required?
  • A: This program is optional for family members.

  • Q: For two-day programs, will I be provided overnight accommodations?
  • A: We are only able to provide accommodations for students, and cannot house parents & family members. There are a number of hotels in the College Park area within walking and driving distance to campus.

  • Q: Where and when should I pick my student up from their program?
  • A: "For two-day programs, students should be picked up at Easton Hall, where they were dropped off for check-in. For one-day programs, students will be finished by 4:00 pm, but the actual ending time of the program varies depending on the college, major, and program."

For more frequently asked questions, please visit the Office of Parent and Family Affairs website.