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Meet the New Student Orientation Staff

Let's take an inside look at the staff that will assist you during New Student Orientation! Our Orientation Advisors (OAs) and Orientation Office Assistants (OOAs) assist new students and their families throughout their entire Orientation experience. 

Kenny Headshot

Kenny Battle

Program and Development Student Coordinator

Meghan is pictured in a black New Student Orientation and Transition polo in front of some trees on UMD's campus.

Meghan Longo

Logistics and Communication Student Coordinator

Aidan Headshot

Aidan Wilbur

Program and Development Student Coordinator

Jillian Headshot

OOA Jillian Sands

Jess Headshot

OOA Jess-Linton Wilson

Andree Headshot

OOA Andree Wetondieu

Asha New Headshot

OA Asha Davis

Auburn Headshot

OA Auburn Schnitzer

Orientation Advisor Auzinea Bacon

OA Auzinea Bacon

Ave Headshot

OA Avery Aye Moe

Bonnie Headshot

OA Bonnie McMillan

Bridget Headshot

OA Bridget Cermeno

Dennis Headshot

OA Dennis Lugo Jr.

Elijah New Headshot

OA Elijah Thompson

Esther Headshot

OA Esther Feron

Orientation Advisor Isabele Arteaga

OA Isabele Arteaga

Orientation Advisor Isaiah Willet

OA Isaiah Willet

Jedi Headshot

OA Jedidiah Kouadio

Orientation Advisor Jonathan Heng

OA Jonathan Heng

Jordan Headshot

OA Jordan Cooper

Orientation Advisor Joshua Starling

OA Joshua Starling

Kaitlyn Headshot

OA Kaitlyn Zhou

Lailah new Headshot

OA Lailah Turnage

Melissa Headshot

OA Melissa Thomas

Micah Headshot

OA Micah McCready

Min Headshot

OA Min Yeung

Oke Headshot

OA Miriam Oke

Natalia Headshot

OA Natalia Herrera

Nahan Headshot

OA Nathan Chhakchhuak

Sam New Headshot

OA Samantha Whitlock

Selah New Headshot

OA Selah Thom

Steven New Headshot

OA Steven Berit

Tim Headshot

OA Timothy Carter

Valencia New Headshot

OA Valencia Nwanwa

Warren Headshot

OA Warren Dansou

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