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Math Placement Test

Math Placement Test Information

First-year Students

  • ALL first year students, regardless of SAT or AP/IB scores, must take the Math Placement Test before coming to New Student Orientation. There are no exemptions from taking the Math Placement Test for first-year students.

Transfer Students

  • ALL transfer students are encouraged to take the Math Placement Test before coming to New Student Orientation.
  • Students are required to take the Math Placement Test if they do not have equivalent credit for MATH140, or if you are entering the School of Public Health (SPHL) or College of Behavioral & Social Sciences (BSOS).
  • School of Engineering (ENGR) and School of Business (BMGT) transfer students do not need to take the Math Placement Test.

Freshmen Connection Students

  • After you have submitted your Freshmen Connection Enrollment Form, you must complete the Math Placement Test (MPT). Please do not delay taking the Math Placement Test. Your FC Enrollment Form will not be reviewed until the results of the MPT have posted to your student record.

General MPT Information

The Math Placement Test is a test that determines what level math course(s) you should take, based on your knowledge of the subject. Administrators in the Math Department and your Academic Advisor use this information combined with SAT/ACT scores and previous course grades to evaluate your math skills.

Your score will automatically be sent to your academic adviser who will then help you to pick the right math courses when you're on campus for New Student Orientation. It is to your advantage to follow all Math Placement Test instructions and policies. Soliciting outside help with the test can only hurt you if it results in your placement into a math course/track beyond your true ability.

Problems? Contact Include student full name, student UID, and statement of the issue.

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